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Flight Nannies / Hand Delivery

Flight nannies, also known as pet flight escorts or pet travel companions, are individuals who accompany pets, including puppies, during air travel to ensure their safety and well-being. They provide assistance and care throughout the journey, making it less stressful for the animals and helping them reach their destination safely.


Here's how flight nannies typically work:


1. Pre-Flight Preparation:

   - The flight nanny coordinates with the pet owner to gather all necessary information, including flight details, destination, and any specific requirements.

   - They may also assist with paperwork, such as health certificates, vaccination records, and import/export documentation.


2. Comfort and Safety:

   - Before the journey, the flight nanny ensures that the puppies are appropriately prepared, including providing comfortable carriers or crates.

   - They may offer familiar items, such as blankets or toys, to help the puppies feel secure during the trip.

   - The flight nanny ensures that the puppies are well-fed, hydrated, and have access to any necessary medications.


3. Airport Assistance:

   - Upon arrival at the airport, the flight nanny takes responsibility for the puppies, handling the check-in process and ensuring compliance with airline regulations.

   - They coordinate with airline staff and security personnel to ensure a smooth transition through the airport.


4. In-Flight Care:

   - During the flight, the flight nanny remains with the puppies in the cabin, providing constant supervision and attention.

   - They monitor the puppies' comfort, help them stay calm, and attend to any needs that may arise.


5. Arrival and Handover:

   - Upon arrival at the destination airport, the flight nanny ensures the puppies are safely retrieved and cleared through customs if necessary.

   - They may coordinate with the new owners or designated individuals for a smooth handover of the puppies.


Flight nannies are experienced in handling pet travel logistics, understanding airline regulations, and ensuring the well-being of the animals in their care. They play a vital role in providing a stress-free and safe travel experience for puppies and their owners.

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