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I got my dog from you about 4 years ago. He is a pomeranian chihuahua mix, orange, I named him Ziggy. He is the best dog anyone could ever ask for, great temperament, loving and healthy - truly, if you ever need a reference, let me know.

Danielle Runyan







Robin, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how wonderfully Stewie has adapted to her our household, and how much JOY he has  brought to us.  He is quite a LOVE!  He doesn't potty in his gated  area at all and seems to love his new bed.  He has quite a few fun  toys and we are searching for the perfect dog purse.  Tell your  daughter that Coach is sold out of the doggy purse, so we are  considering a Louis Vuitton, but what do you think about that open  top?  The thing that is nice about it is that it doesn't look like a  dog purse, and it has the perfect little place for him to rest his  head.  The plastic zipper ones are so heavy!

The doctor gave him a clean bill of health, and he has started his frontline and Heartgard.  I will send pictures soon, our camera is  acting up.  The only time he has pottied in the house is when he  wakes from one of his short naps when he is not in his gated area,  and we don't take him outside right away.

Thank you for giving us such a gem.




Hi Robin,

I purchased the female Yorkie Poo this past Friday, 4/18.  I named her Rosie.  I am totally in love with her.  Everyone else who has met her is nuts about her, too.  Here’s a picture of me holding her the day after I brought her home.

Thank you!






hi robin...
how are you?  just wanted to update you and show you a picture of willow,  she is growing so fast and getting cuter everyday.
thank you again...
we love her.
melissa, aaron and alexa shepherd






Hi Robin:
We came from Camby, In. and purchased a Maltipoo about 2 months ago.  We named her peaches and our 4 yr. old Maltese loves her as much as we do.  Here is her picture after her first professional grooming.  What a doll baby.  Everyone just loves her. She has the sweetest personality and attracts all kinds of attention which she dearly loves.  Our veternarian has given her a complete excellent bill of health.  Thank you so much for the service you provide.  Your quality and expertise shows in the pups you deliver.
Bob and Sandy Curts







Hi Robin:

I just wanted to give you update on our Missy.  We brought her home back in December.  She is a true joy and fits very well into our little family, although she's tries to be the boss.  She has potty mistakes from time to time but we are working on that.  I had her neutered in late February, and she recovered very well from that.

I have attached her picture.  I know she looks a look wild and crazy, but she is scheduled for her official grooming this Saturday (she had the puppy trim last time - what a joke).  I will also send you her picture after she's groomed.

Thanks again. I will keep you posted.


Hi Robin

My husband and I got our little Puggle, Oscar, from you last November and wanted to let you know he has been nothing but a joy to live with and to love. He has become a big part of our family and everyone who meets him thinks he is just the cutest and most fun dog. He has such a fun loving and active personality, which we love.  He is also well trained and very healthy. Thank you very much for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family.
Thanks so much.
Vanessa Ward





Hi Robin,

We adopted our Shelti-Poo which we named Gracie from you back in May.  We thought you would be interested to see how she looks now.  She is a great dog, easy to train, she is a very smart girl, she never barks, (I think she let out one bark in the time that we have had her), she weighs about 50 plus pounds, and is very people and animal friendly.  She is definitely a hit with our neighbors.  My husband and I are so happy that we got her from you.  Her one year birthday is coming up in March and we will send you pictures of her "party".  If you should ever get more shelti poo's please let us know.

Thank you so much for our little girl.

Kim and Bob Nowakowski








Hi Robin!
Just wanted to let you know the puggle puppy we got from you is doing great.  We ended up naming him Roscoe.  I'm attaching a couple of pictures of him and Sage.  We got Sage from you to like 5 or 6 years ago.  They both get along very good.  Thanks again for the wonderful puppies.
The Clark Family









Hi Robin,
Happy New Year!
I am sure you had a great time on your trip . . . thank you again for your patience through my purchase of “Buddy”.
He is just wonderful.  He is so sweet and docile and perfect for our family.  My children just love him.
I hope to get a picture to you soon . . . I have taken plenty but I need to upload the pics from my camera.
He was so scared the first few days so I am glad I ended up bringing home that night from your house.  It took him a few days to adjust.  He is so adorable.

Thank you again.

Deanne Adasiak
Oak Lawn, IL

Dear Robin,
Just wanted to drop you a note -- we purchased the apricot male havanese-poo from you about two weeks ago.  I have two sons; one who is allergic to dogs.  My son just returned to college, but he was able to spend a week with the "Chief" and he no problems with his allergies.  We are keeping are fingers crossed that he'll continue to do well with Chief when he returns home on his spring break.
Now for the "Chief".  He's an adorable, lovable dog who is so friendly and loves people (especially young kids).  I think he is adjusting to his new home - he seems more comfortable now!  He is eating well and loves to take walks and investigate his new neighborhood.  He goes to bed at night in his cage and we don't hear a sound from him until the early morning.  We are working on house training him - he's getting used to our yard; but he doesn't like to be left alone outside.  I had him to the vet - he's healthy and well - and I will schedule his neutering in a few weeks.  He has his first appointment with the groomer on Monday and I have register him for puppy classes to start in early March.
Just wanted to let you know he is well-loved.
Thanks so much.
The Hamilton Family

Larry, Karen, Jim and Patrick

P.S.  I see from your website that his sister was adopted - and the other darling dog we were considering  was too.  We were glad to see that and I'm sure that they went to good homes.






 Hi Robin,
Just thought we would send you a picture,  Kasey, is doing great, loving his new home &  big sister Scooter (13 year old poodle)  Our kids are in love with him.
Kim & Rob Hunt


Hi Robin,

Well, Louie is almost 6 months old.  We are having so much fun with him.  He is really such a nice puppy.  I never knew how much I would love a dog!  Hope you are doing well.  We tell everyone where we got Louie!  Everyone stops us to tell us how cute he is!

Anyway, I still have not been able to find the same brand of the bully sticks that you carry.  You were so sweet to send me a few last time I asked, but I really wanted to pay you for them.

Do you stock a lot of the bully sticks?  If so, I would buy 6-12 of them from you.  I want to pay you and you can charge me shipping or I can give you my fed ex #.  Let me know if this is something you do or can do.  I have been to all the large chains and many of the smaller pet stores and I can't find the brand that you have.  Louie really likes them and they keep him busy for a long time, so he does not chew on any of the furniture!!

Thanks Robin..let me know what you think.

Take care,

Judy Elowe



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